YouTube Prank Couple ‘BFvsGF’ Have Announced They Are Breaking Up

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One of YouTube’s biggest couples,Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith, have announced that their daily vlogging lifestyle has taken its toll and they can’t do it any longer.

The pair rose to internet fame on accountof the pranks they pull on each other. Their pranks have covered everything from poo to tarantulas, and they began vlogging their every day lives.

They recently posted a video explaining how this took a toll on their lives and their relationship:

The couple, both 33,have over 8 million subscribers on their account, and another 9 million on their account ‘PrankVsPrank’ which sees them teaching other YouTubers how to prank.

Their pranks have slowly escalated, to the point where Jesse even faked their cat’s death. Yikes.

In their latest video ‘A New Chapter’, the two say thatseven years of daily vlogging has changed them, and explain that living life in front of a camera put pressure on their relationship.

In the beginning its really fun, Jesse said. But when it gets to the point it gets to feel like a job that puts a huge burden on the relationship.

Do I love this person or am I doing this for the video? Its toxic. We need to stop.

They’re taking a break both from YouTube and each other, but it’s unclear how long for. Not to be overly sceptical but YouTube probably was actually their job and main source of income, with YouTube stats site SocialBlade predicting their yearly income to be somewhere between 66k-1.1M for their channel BFVsGF and42.7K – 683.7K for their second channel PrankVsPrank.

So, it’ll be interesting to see where they go from here.

But, until then, check out this prank they did with YouTuber iJustine on fellow YouTuber Joey Graceffa:

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