Wife Finds Husband In Bed With Tape For A Hilarious Reason

If you’ve ever been around someone who is waking up from surgery, you’re probably already aware of just how silly the after-effects of anesthesia can be. Grogginess, confusion and a sense of euphoria are common, but why? Interestingly, medical professionals have found even low levels of anesthesia to effect the brain similarly to the deepest levels of sleep. While patients find themselves relaxed, drowsy and numb (both during and for several hours after surgery), they are still able to talk and answer questions – often with hilarious results.

Remember David after dentist? In 2008, then-7-year-old David left the dentist office after having an extra tooth removed, but once he got to the car, he started saying some pretty bizarre stuff. Luckily, his dad caught it on his flip-phone camera, and just like that, David went viral. To date, the video has over 132 million views, making David’s after-dentist musings one of the most watched videos on YouTube.

However, he’s going to have some fierce competition from Bart. The beefy, tattooed guy might look tough, but after getting home from a trip to the dentist, he’s feeling particularly vulnerable. In fact, it’s clear that things haven’t been going well for a while – as his wife says, he’s already fallen off the couch, and only just made it to bed. But, Bart’s not alone under the covers. What his wife finds next to him on the mattress and Bart’s reason for clutching it tight is so hysterical, it’s something you have to see for yourself. 

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