Why Football Is Just As Important As Your Turkey On Thanksgiving

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It’s a timeless American tradition to sit around all day, stuff your face with food and watch football until you pass out on Thanksgiving.

Of course, when you’re done, it’s also customary to play a little pigskin yourself, but that’s assuming you have enough cousins to run a full game.

From playing in our own backyards, to high school rivalry games, college classics and, of course, the NFL, it’ll be hard to escape the sport that makes this country so great. So why fight it?

You’ll learn that the rich history of this day is as old as the game itself, and that there’s nothing else you should be doing on this amazing day. So eat your turkey, don’t forget the gravy and watch some damn football!

The first Thanksgiving Day football game was played in Philadelphia in 1869.


But it became institutionalized in New York in 1882 when it was also dubbed the date of the Annual Collegiate Championship game.


From then on, any game played on Thanksgiving Day became known as a “Turkey Bowl.”

Football ThanksgivingFootball Thanksgiving

Yep, pick-up games with your cousins in the backyard count as Turkey Bowls, too.


Hundreds of high school football games are played on Thanksgiving day. The oldest rivalry is thought to be between Xavier and Fordham in NYC, a feud started in the late 1800s.

Xavier HSXavier HS

Xavier HS

Plenty of NFL games are played on Thanksgiving, too. The winners get their very own turkey.



Of course, John Madden usually ends up getting his very own.


Vince Wilfork isn’t even playing this Thanksgiving and he already has a piece!


The Detroit Lions are the only team that plays in the Turkey Bowl every year. It’s made Ford Field the mecca of the Turkey Bowl game.


But in an uglier recent memory, Ndamukong Suh’s dirty move momentarily took away from the spirit of the day.



Aaron Rodgers still thinks this is a glorious day.



Unless he’s injured and Matt Flynn gets the start.


Even after a win, Tom Brady still doesn’t seem to even care.


Now, come to the table and eat!


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