When this deaf woman went to Starbucks, she got a lot more than a tasty Frappuccino.

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This is Sherilynn.

She craves human interaction.

But it doesn’t always come easy.

Sherilynn is deaf.

According to the World Federation of the Deaf, there are roughly
70 million deaf people across the globe. And in a world of “hearing people,” it’s easy for folks like Sherilynn to feel isolated and down on themselves.

Deafness isn’t something she can control, and it’s not something she wants to define her.

But the challenge of living in a “hearing world” isn’t something she can overcome on her own.

Sherilynn found exactly what she needed at a local Starbucks, where deaf members of her community hold a regular meet-up. She
finally found her people!

Sherilynn’s story isn’t unique. But it is an important reminder that we all need to feel like we belong.

We humans tend to focus a lot on what makes us different. But I’m constantly assured that
life’s a lot more awesome when we’re looking for more of what we have in common.

Have you ever felt alone or isolated?

Just remember: It’s a big world out there, and there are people who will *get* you. You just have to find them or help them find you.

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