What does MSNBC’s Chris Hayes heroism look like?


As we covered earlier tonight, MSNBC Analyst Chris Hayes chose this Memorial day weekend to declare how “uncomfortable” he is calling fallen soldiers heroes. This left us wondering what exactly Chris #HayesHeroism‬ looks like. Thankfully, Twitter was kind enough to answer.

#HayesHeroism Unprotected sex at an Occupy camp.

— wasn't me (@davilch) May 28, 2012


#HayesHeroism once ate food from an unsavory looking food truck! #LNYHBT

— Jonathan (@SmilinRas) May 28, 2012

Without waiting 30 minutes after eating. RT @TheH2: #HayesHeroism once swam at his own risk

— DrewMTips (@DrewMTips) May 28, 2012


Chews the crap gum the 5th dentist recommends. #HayesHeroism

— Church (@Church_On_F1) May 28, 2012

#HayesHeroism didn't moisturize for a week

— Top (@topsecretk9) May 28, 2012

Wore rented bowling shoes without socks. #HayesHeroism

— Wes (@FTWes) May 28, 2012

#HayesHeroism Watched Platoon without ever once averting his gaze.

— Matt Erickson (@MattSErickson) May 28, 2012



#HayesHeroism –Removed mattress tag. Curled into fetal position after, but heroically REFUSED to suck thumb.

— Phat (@Transphat88) May 28, 2012

Once rode a "big boys bike" with no helmet #HayesHeroism

— LiveFreeOrDieTryin (@KzPage) May 28, 2012


#HayesHeroism Wore white after Labor Day.

— Timothy Netz ن (@Bristel) May 28, 2012

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