Touré: You’re not well if you want ‘military-style weapons’ for protection!/Toure/status/281534245950869505

It’s funny how terms like “assault weapon” are used so casually (and incorrectly) in the debate over the Second Amendment, and yet “the government” is assumed to be universally understood. The government? It’s those buildings in Washington that keep us fed and housed and safe, right? Who’d fear that, at least while a Democrat is in office?

As many in the aftermath of the Newtown, Conn., massacre question the possible role of mental illness in that tragedy, MSNBC host Touré argues that just wanting “military-style” weapons is a sign that you’re not quite well — while at the same time arguing that talking about mental illness is an attempt to “evade the debate” over the real issue: “large clips and bullets.”

Lots of non mentally ill people shoot non criminals. Focusing on mental illness and not guns attempts to evade the debate.

— Touré (@Toure) December 19, 2012

RT @taurusbone: it’s pure obfuscation. Mental illness is a big issue. But the main issue by far is semi automatics, large clips & bullets

— Touré (@Toure) December 19, 2012’s Dana Loesch took Piers Morgan and others to school earlier today on the definition of assault weapon, but it looks like Touré skipped that class. Good thing Twitter was there to fill him in.

@toure ummm. Military style automatic guns have been illegal since the 1930s. Semi-Automatic is not “Military Style”. Used for over 100 yrs

— Ethan Hollenberger (@EHollenberger) December 19, 2012

@toure Civilians dont have military weapons. Those are illegal.

— Shawn (@LivesInThought) December 19, 2012

@toure You realize there’s a difference between military style and actual military weapons. If not call @chrisloesch he will gladly teach u

— Gerry (@Jeeper706) December 19, 2012

@toure What is a ‘military weapon’? Does that include bajonets, hand guns, shot guns all used by the military?

— Dirk Roeckmann (@droeckmann) December 19, 2012

@toure Military weapons are already illegal for civilians.

— Bryon Jackson (@foxboogie1) December 19, 2012

@toure I suppose you don’t know what the intent of the 2nd amendment was for. Tyranny!!

— Nita Simone (@Nita_Simone) December 19, 2012

@toure Our assault rifles protect us from your Government. #tcot #defend #liberty

— The Firewall (@forgotten_man_) December 19, 2012

.@toureOh look.A Constitutional scholar.

— Wyatt’s Torch (@TorchOWyatt) December 19, 2012

@toure So now you’re equating genuine mental illness to our ability to exercise our second amendment rights…

— JCM (@JCM52795229) December 19, 2012

@jcm52795229 @toure Are people that want to exercise their first amendment rights disabled?

— JCM (@JCM52795229) December 19, 2012

@toure Accusing people of being unwell bc they disagree with you is pretty weak.

— Mindy(@mindypsays) December 19, 2012

But the people are demanding action! A new poll shows that Americans don’t like those military-style semi-automatic assault guns.

CNN/ORC POLL Dec 17-18, Ban on Semi-Automatic Assault Guns: Favor 62%, Oppose 37%.

— Touré (@Toure) December 19, 2012

Making up terms is fun! RT @toure: CNN/ORC POLL Dec 17-18, Ban on Semi-Automatic Assault Guns: Favor 62%, Oppose 37%.

— mccook guy (@mccook2002) December 19, 2012

@robgeorge @toure define a well regulated militia and define defense of the state. Then define bearing arms.Context is everything.

— Herb Tyson (@BigpapiHT) December 19, 2012

Please, can we stop quibbling about definitions and facts and just pass some laws already?

As an informed black man, @toure knows Americans never need fear their government.…

— Z (D) (@brizoni) December 19, 2012

Wait, Touré is black?

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