Touré: Tavis Smiley gets value out of being president of black haters of Obama club!/Toure/status/358985130984996864

Touré made a fantastic effort in winning the award for the dumbest tweets of the day.!/Toure/status/358958760124887041

Referencing Tavis Smiley and David Webb, Touré decides that their opinions are not valid because they dare to criticize Obama.!/DocThompsonShow/status/358984792131383298!/AaronByAaron/status/358986355650469888

Some have noticed the hypocrisy.!/qhugss/status/359005668717502464!/ericgrimey/status/358987981136207873

Will the Left ever get it? People are individuals, not groups. Everyone is capable of having an independent opinion.

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