Tom Coughlin to receive Outstanding Civilian Service Award!/AdamSchefter/status/202423089127112705

…Yet nobody really knows why.

@AdamSchefter why?

— Brendan Reilly (@reilly_b) May 15, 2012

@AdamSchefter why is he getting it though?

— Jeffrey Huber (@JeffreyDHuber) May 15, 2012

@AdamSchefter why is coughlin getting the award?

— Joe Hudson (@KishkaJoe) May 15, 2012

@AdamSchefter what did Coughlin do

— Mateo Monte (@MontCantStop) May 15, 2012!/IMxRANDALICIOUS/status/202423979510738946

@AdamSchefter Awesome! For what exactly? (No sarcasm, just curious.)

— Mike Spring (@TheMikeSpring) May 15, 2012!/MattCase33/status/202423629110194176

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