Three Grannies Got Stoned In The Name Of Television, Brilliant Television

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To my grandma, “weed” is definitely a nuisance found in the garden, “stoned” a brutal form of capital punishment and “being high” an experience one feels if they’re lucky enough to travel in either an aeroplane, hot air balloon or, heavens forbid, a helicopter.

But some grannies are a lot more “down with the kids” – thankfully – and a bunch of them, along with some granddads – are starring in a new show that’s hoping to help explain the modern world to the older generation.

“A Granny’s Guide To The Modern World” is hosted by Barry Humphries – also known as Dame Edna Everage – and shows a variety of fabulous wrinkly people’s attempts to understand the fucked-up world we live in.

As well as tackling the big race questions , “is it OK to call someone a nig-nog” (no 92-year-old Bobby, it’s not) and working out how to convincingly include swearing in your vocab, “do you know when the next bus is, you fucking twat?”, the gang also go to Amsterdam to sample the good stuff.

No, not the red light district you dirty fools… they go to smoke the sweet green, dance with mary jane, take a ride on the magic stick etc. Margot, who classes the whole thing as a “bit of fun” takes her two friends along for the ride, and she even rolls her own: “you’re good at embroidery, ambidextrous, give it a go”.

Now that is impressive.

Here’s a taster:

Now I spent the majority of ages 15 – 21 going from hotbox to hotbox but even I would feel pretty wasted after a spliff, a bong, a baggy and a hash cake… I’m not surprised Margot’s unsure of the texture of her surroundings by the end of it. We’ve all been there, girl.

Are you worried about the state of our grannies? Or are you intrigued to see what they get up to next?

You can catch Granny’s Guide To The Modern World on 4OD now.

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