This Might Be The Real Reason You Gained All That Weight In College

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The freshman 15 might not be due to marijuana, beer or general laziness, but rather the disastrous food offered on campuses.

According toMashable, a new study examinedall the food available at California Polytechnic State University and concludeda frighteningly small amount of the entrees and salads couldbe considered healthy.

BetweenMarch and August of 2015, researchers studiedthe calories and fat levels of the school’s 18 on-campus dining venues, two on-campus food stores and 37 food stores near campus.

For an entree or main dish salad to be deemed healthy, each couldcontain up to 800 calories, whereas burgers and sandwiches could contain650 calories or less to earn the same label.

Additionally, they required“healthy” dishes tocontain no more than30 percent of calories from fat and 10 percent of calories or less from saturated fat.

Just nine of the 18on-campus dining venues were reportedly discovered to offer entrees that fit this criteria.

Out of the 314 entrees studied, just 36 could be considered healthy, along with 11 of 31 salads offered as main dishes.

The campus’s sit-down restaurants were found to be the least healthy dining venues, while the two on-campus food stores were found to havea number of healthy options.

Not only did these two stores offer plenty of produce, but they also did not price low-fat items higher than the unhealthier versions of the same things.

In the study,the researchers suggested ways the school couldimprove student health.

They wrote,

[Areas] include increasing the proportion of healthful entrees overall, improving the variety of healthful side dishes and beverages, making nutrition information available at point of purchase and providing signage and implementing pricing strategies to facilitate more healthful eating choices.

In terms of the freshman 15, it makes sensefirst-year students are likely to gain weight when you considerhow easy it is to consume unhealthy food.

Living in an entirely new environment can be very unsettling, which could be whylots of students turn to readily available unhealthy on-campus food.

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