This Guy Couldn’t Find A Job Because Of His Service Dog…Until This Company Hired Them Both!

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If there’s anyone who deserves gainful employment, it’s veterans. However, after returning from three post-9/11 deployments, Clay Luthy wasn’t having an easy time finding a job.

Luthy’s service to our country left his knees in poor condition, eventually requiring multiple surgeries. Unable to re-enlist in the Air Force, he retired and began searching for work as a civilian. Despite his sacrifices, many companies weren’t willing to hire him. The reason? His service dog, Charlotte.

When Luthy showed up for a job interview at a Lowe’s in Abilene, Texas, he wasn’t sure how the company would react to his situation. Would they be willing to accept an employee with a service dog?

Fortunately, the answer was a resounding yes! Lowe’s hired Luthy and Charlotte, and outfitted them both with classic red work vests. On December 4, the pair went viral on social media after a customer posted the picture below.

The store’s human resource manager, Jay Fellers, told The Dodo, “We didn’t realize he was having a difficult time finding a job. He applied here and went through a normal interview process, and brought Charlotte in as part of the interview. He told us about Charlotte, and how she supports him. He ended up being our top candidate.”

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In addition to supporting to Luthy, Charlotte has been a huge hit with Lowe’s customers.

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To learn more about the incredible duo, check out the video below. Their bond and the kindness of Lowe’s staff are truly beautiful things to witness.

(via The Dodo)

I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely going to be giving Lowe’s more of my business! Be sure to share this awesome story and encourage more companies to follow in their footsteps.

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