This Dorm Room Has Gone Viral For Being Seriously Fancy

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Most people don’timmediatelylink the University lifestyle to one of glamour andcomfort. In fact, it’s normally one of the exact opposite – creaky beds, shared bathroomsand pot noodles.

But, for students at the University of Mississippi it’s all a big competition about who can be the fanciest.

This university tradition has come to the world’s attention after two girls posted their slightly ridiculous room on social media, and it went viral.

Lindy Goodson and Abby Bozeman met over social media when they found out they would be sharing a room, and spent months planning the decor.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Goodman said:

“Most dorms are matching and decorated fabulously, so we have been so surprised to see the amount of attention we’ve gotten over ours!”

Here’s what it looked like before they got their crafty mitts on it:

And here’s their masterpiece:

Yes. That’s a microwave in their bedside table, with it’s own little curtain. The thing of dreams.

Goodson also claims that despite it looking fancy as hell, it really didn’t cost that much – with lots of the items coming from second hand stores or bought on sale.

She explained:

“Abby found the dresser at an antique shop and had it repainted and added some crystal knobs (from Home Depot!). The curtain on the dresser is a hand towel my mom found at TJ Maxx and made into a little cafe curtain (it covers paper plates & such). I also found the lamps at Hobby Lobby on clearance and the stools from Home Goods (which I hot glued some velvet ribbon on),”

Yes, that is a sofa in their room. And yes, that is a mini fridge doubling up as a table on the side. Glorious.

But, it turns out that this is actually a thing at the university – and there are even some wealthy students who bring in an interior designer to make sure their room comes out top.

Here are just a few other examples:

Suddenly, my adult bedroom just seems to be lacking now. Off to TK Maxx I go!

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Lead image: Lindy Goodson

H/T: Cosmo, Buzzfeed.

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