These Shocking Photos Reveal Exactly What Stress Does To Your Face

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Change My FaceChange My Face

Change My Face

Avoiding a stressful life is easier said than done.

Many of us don’t have control over what might be causing stress in our lives, but we know finding a way to relieve our stress is often number one on our list of priorities.

Many times, this relief comes in the form of unhealthy habits.

A pack of cigarettes a day, a few shots of whiskey after work and before you know it, you’ve developed a whole other problem for yourself on top of your stress.

Over time, the stress will become more overwhelming than ever, and your face will physically begin to show signs.

In an effort to highlight the drastic effects of stress, journalist Anna Magee teamed up with an ex-FBI forensic artist Auriole Prince to show what stress can do to your face over a long period of time.

Prince worked with four different participants in this series and used her artistic skills to illustrate her predictions.

Check out the photos below for a closer look! The results are kind of terrifying.

Anna – Age 45:


According to forensic artist Auriole Prince, here’s what Anna will look like if she continues to live a stressful life in the journalism industry:


Olivia – Age 26:


High stress levels and her avid use of cigarettes could make Olivia look like this in the near future:


Sam – Age 33:


Based on Prince’s expertise, this is what stress would do to Sam’s face if he continues to find relief in alcohol:


Deni – Age 24:


Deni, who currently smokes four cigarettes a day and eats chocolate when she’s stressed, will have major transformations in her face if she continues her ways:


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