The Trailer For “Scare Campaign” Will Put You Off Pranking For Good

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In Aussie horrorScare Campaign, a popular prank TV show finds themselves up against a new, hardcore pranking web series that – quite frankly – makes their pranks look tame.

If they want to stay on air, they’re going to have to up the ante.

By the looks of the trailer, they do this by swapping their “mix of old school scares and hidden camera fun”, for a fairly horrifying elaborate prank in an abandoned insane asylum.

It just looks like they might have chosen the wrong person to scare…

Starring Meegan Warner, Ian Meadows and Olivia DeJonge, Scare Campaign looks like it’s going to be one of the gorier horror films we’ve seen in a while…

While it doesn’t have a UK release date yet, we can’t imagine it’ll be long before somebody picks this one up.

(If you need a quick reminder that the majority ofpranks are pretty funny, and don’t end in gruesome, terrifying murders, then check out some very vintageTrigger Happy TV here):

Does Scare Campaign look like your kind of horror movie? Let us know in the comments!

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