Teen Trying To Impress Girlfriend With Fireworks Nearly Blows Hand Off (Graphic)

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A British teenager’s desire to impress a girl with some fireworks nearly cost him his life.

Dylan Cosgrove, 15, was in his bedroom with his girlfriend when he lit the fuse on some fireworks he had just bought, according to the Newcastle Chronicle.

He said,

I didn’t intend to set it off, I just wanted to light it and put it out for a laugh.

The fuse didn’t go out, however, so Dylan began to panic.

He put the fuse in his mouth before running to the corner of his room, away from his girlfriend. Before it ran out, he covered the firework with his hand in an attempt to reduce the damages.

The explosion was loud and violent, burning off the tips of two fingers and breaking several bones in his right hand.

The boy recalled,

My ears were ringing and I could smell my burning flesh. My index finger was bent backwards and the top of one of my fingers had been blown off. My girlfriend was screaming. I think I was just in shock.

Dylan’s father heard the explosion from downstairs but didn’t immediately expect his son was in danger.

The 41-year-old told the Chronicle,

I could hear screaming and I thought it was coming from the TV at first. Dylan came running down the stairs screaming and he just kept saying he was sorry, over and over again. He was white as sheet and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There wasn’t any blood at first but it began to seep out over the floor when he sat down on the sofa.

He called an ambulance, furious and concerned because his son had never made such a careless decision.

An X-ray at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead revealed seven different breaks in Dylan’s hand.

Dylan said,

I went through four and a half hours of surgery. As a result, I have metal pins in most of my fingers and two of the tendons have snapped and retracted back into my arm which means I have lost flexibility and will have restricted movement in my right hand forever.

I’m assuming the boy has never been more thankful to be left-handed.

Dylan hopes his story will expose to his peers how dangerous fireworks can be, and he remains stunned of how close he came to ending his life.





via Newcastle Chronicle, Photos Courtesy: SWNS

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