Target Includes Adorable Toddler With Down Syndrome In New Catalog Ad (Photo)

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Izzy Bradley, like any other 2-year-old, loves to smile.

And in the pages of a recent Target advertisement, the beaming little girl — born with Down syndrome — poses with an activity cube.

Target’s making the subtle statement Izzy is just one of its many adorable child models.

The retail chain hired the toddler from Stillwater, Minnesota after connecting with the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (DSDN), hoping to include more models with Down syndrome in its advertising.

Heather, Izzy’s mother, is pleased Target works to include children of all backgrounds.

She said,

I really appreciate Target putting [children with Down syndrome] in their ads. I think it really normalizes Down syndrome and helps people see we are really like any other family.

I really just hope that a new mom or an expectant mom were to see a little girl in an ad that they would just have that sense of hope for their child.

In compensation for her day of makeup, photos and smiles, Izzy received a paycheck. Heather told press she’s placed the money in a savings account for when Izzy is a little older.


The proud mother told Yahoo no one’s more excited about the image than Izzy herself, saying,

Whenever she sees the ad, either on television or in print, she smiles, points to herself, and says, ‘Izzy.’

Her photo is also on the wall of our local Target, so she likes that too.

Target first received attention for innovative advertising in 2012, after featuring child model Ryan Langston, who was also born with Down syndrome.

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