Snap-tastic! Destroying Obama’s ‘phony scandals’ line with one photo-slam!/kesgardner/status/362090072125882368

Awesome. The Daily Caller’s “Jim Treacher” tweeted that fantastic snap and now it is in photo-slam form.

"They're killing Big Bird!"
"Binders full of women!"
"Romney put his dog on top of the car!"

Yes, please lecture us about #phonyscandals.— Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) July 28, 2013

Treacher’s tweet was retweeted nearly 500 times and rightly so. Twitter users couldn’t get enough of it and added some zingers of their own.!/GrahamBeRad/status/361498540779913216

And win:!/ScoMoPA/status/361498127934558208

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