Simone Biles Posted The Most Popular Tweet Of The Olympics, And It’s Clear Why


Simone Biles won more than just four gold medals and one bronze at the Rio Olympics this summer.

She won our hearts.

Oh and also, she won Twitter.

Biles had the most retweeted tweet by an Olympic athlete during the Rio Games, according to data provided by Twitter.

The most retweeted athlete tweet (whew) from Rio was a selfie video Biles took with her crush, Zac Efron, who casually showed up in Rio to surprise Biles and her teammates.

The selfie video shows Efron surprising Biles with a kiss on the cheek, which she swoons over. Its crazy adorable. I think all of Twitter collectively squealed with her as we had already been followingher crush on Efron.

Biles tweet had over 163,000 retweets as of Tuesday afternoon.

But herOlympics dominance didnt stop there. Bileshad four out of the top 10 most retweeted Olympic athlete tweets from Rio.

Biles posted the top one as a vid or GTFO move. She had previously tweeted pictures of her and Efron and said he kissed her on the cheek. She posted what would become the most popular athlete tweet as proof.

The original tweet was the fourth most highly retweeted:

Here are Biles other two, which ranked seventh and tenth, respectively:

Yup, that Michael Phelps tweet is super casual. Biles is superhuman. Its whatever.

Biles, Phelps and Usain Bolt dominated these Olympics with the number of medals they took home and how casually they did it, showing their superiorityin their respective sports.

Bolt also won on and off the field at the Olympics.

He tweeted three out of the top 10 retweeted athlete tweets during the Rio Games.

The third most retweeted tweet, from Bolt, was all about winning:

The sixth was a shout out to Jamaica:

And the ninth was a grand display of international friendliness:

The other athletes who made up the top 10 in Olympic retweets were Kenzo Shirai, a Japanese gymnast, and Juan Martn del Potro, an Argentinean tennis player. Both came home with medals.

Shirai had the second most retweeted tweet, with over 106,000 RTs:

Del Potro, who lost to Andy Murray in the tennis finals to get the silver medal, had the fifth and eighth most retweets:

You can learn some really important lessons from these tweets about how to build your brand and get more Twitter followers.

Be positive, use photos and videos and, um, be the best athlete in your sport in the world. Addinga kiss fromZac Efron into the mix never hurts. See? Super easy!

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