Science Shows Eating An Avocado A Day Keeps Bad Cholesterol Away

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We Heart It

Avocados are the perfect food: great on toast, wonderful with breakfast burritos and delicious eaten with a spoon.

Even as an avocado crisis nears, it’s impossible to let go of such a creamy, healthy fruit.

You’ve probably seen them touted as a superfood for years now, but they’re even better than you knew.

A study from Pennsylvania State University showed eating an avocado every day — half with lunch, half with dinner — dramatically lowered levels of LDL cholesterol, the bad kind, in overweight participants.

The team recruited 45 people to try a three new diets: one consisting of low-fat foods, a second with moderate levels of “good” fats like olive oil and a third, which replaced all other fats with a whole avocado.

Those on the avocado diet lowered their cholesterol levels by 14 milligrams per deciliter of blood, about double the results of the other two diets.

Researcher Penny Kris-Etherton told NPR the avocado’s dramatic health effects were a “surprise,” but she’ll complete further tests in order to determine why, exactly, it worked so well.

It may have been the fruit’s fiber content, or potentially its bio-active compounds.

The only thing she’s certain of is it’s not just the fat helping guac-lovers get healthy.

If lowering cholesterol is a struggle for you, stock up on the tasty, green snack now.

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