Savage TV Host Asks Obese Woman With Eating Fetish, ‘When’s The Next Feed?’

Unless youre a die-hard fan of British television, chances are youve never heard of Phillip Schofield.

Well let me sum him up for you: Hes pure sass deadpan, cheeky and sarcastic and we love him.

He was interviewing Texan Monica Riley for ITVs show This Morning about how its her dream to be the worlds fattest woman.

She has a target weight of 1,000 pounds.

Its an unhealthy and uncomfortable goal.

Phil knows that. We all know that. So he decided to get savage on her with his deadpan nature.

Addressing Sid, her boyfriend, Phil says,

Its a little bit like getting into a car with you guys and driving very fast with your eyes shut, because the inevitable is actually going to happen.


You are actually killing her, arent you?

Monica explains even if Sid wasnt around shed still eat as much anyway because shes addicted to food.

But our sassy friend Phil replies,

At 71 stone, if you reach your goal, how would you get to the food without help?

Monica claims there are plenty of men who would love to be in Sids position.


Here are some other great lines from Phil throughout the interview:

  1. You have youve said you have an active sex life. And you are talking about children. So, would you like to have a baby?
  2. How would you POSSIBLY look after a child at that size?
  3. Isnt it irresponsible to be that big and then have a baby?

Then he rounds off the interview with this absolute gem:

Whens the next feed?

Monica and Sid dont get it at first, and its the perfect example of how British and American humor differs.

People were loving how savage the entire interview was.

Watch the full interview here:

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