$ore lo$er: Michael Moore protests Wisconsin recall results, gets no sympathy


Lose a battle here & there, but trust me we'll win the war. History proves one thing: The good guys sooner or later win. Hate cannot sustain

— Michael Moore (@MMFlint) June 6, 2012

Crockumentarian Michael Moore occupied Twitter tonight to share his disgust over the Wisconsin recall results. He sung from the same blame-redistributing hymnbook as other wound-licking Democrats. Conservatives on Twitter weren’t about to pass the Kleenex:

@MMFlint Wow, even your tweets are lazy.

— Anonymoose (@RumBraker) June 6, 2012

@MMFlint Union$$$$$$$$$$$$

— Ghost of SB Champs! (@TGrtStnsGst) June 6, 2012

@MMFlint I love the taste of liberal tears, they sweeten my morning coffee.

— Doug Adams (@teledude54) June 6, 2012

Michael M0,000,000re. RT @MMFlint Wi$con$in

— Bryan Fry (@bfrysworld) June 6, 2012

¢hee$eburger! RT @MMFlint: Wi$con$in

— Wes (@FTWes) June 6, 2012


Al Franken'$ Minne$ota $enate $eat RT @MMFlint: Wi$con$in

— Rachel (@esqcapades) June 6, 2012

@MMFlint How's it feel to be part of a ma$$ive failed effort, Mike?

— Bob B (@p8riot) June 6, 2012

$ore lo$er. RT @MMFlint Wi$con$in

— Jim Treacher (@jtLOL) June 6, 2012

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