One Minute She Is a Happy 19 Year Old. The Next – It’s an Unimaginable Nightmare.

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Kaitlyn Dobrow started feeling under the weather, but she wasn’t just getting sick with a normal virus. What happened to her was sudden and horrifying. The truly incredible part is how she handled it though. This is one you won’t soon forget.

When Kaitlyn first fell ill, her mother thought she was getting sick with the flu.

Before that, she was a happy 19 year-old that enjoyed dancing and sports.

But, she didn’t have the flu… doctors were shocked to find out that Kaitlyn had a rare form of meningitis.

The bacterial infection meningococcemia is often fatal. Kaitlyn was originally given just a week to live, but then they removed her limbs. 20 surgeries later, she began recovering.

With a friend’s help, Kaitlyn received a visit from John Stamos, who tried to cheer her up.

He even promised to take her to Disneyland once her health improved.

Even though she still needs skin graphs and lots of rehabilitation, Kaitlyn has hope. Without her limbs, she was able to draw the picture seen above – she is determined to find joy in life again.

Kaitlyn lost all of her limbs. She faced and is facing an unimaginable situation… but through it all, she is able to smile and still keep her hopes and dreams alive. That willpower alone is inspiring beyond words.

She has her whole life ahead of her, a date with John Stamos and lots of rehabilitation.

“You get to the point where you have no control. You know it’s in His hands you have to trust Him and we’re able to do that,” her mother Kathi told reporters, referring to God.

She continued, “Kaitlyn has had an amazingly positive and courageous attitude throughout this illness and is determined to have a happy, fulfilling life, believing that God has an awesome plan for her future. She is my hero.”

You can learn more and donate to help Kaitlyn here: GiveForward for Kaitlyn

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