No salt for you: Boston Market to remove salt shakers; Dennis Miller zings!/DennisDMZ/status/238278173060648960

Ha! Leave it to Dennis Miller to cut right to the chase, especially when responding to the latest Food Police Creep. This time, it’s Boston Market.

NANNY CREEP: boston market pulls salt shakers off tables–for your own good!

— Vicki Mckenna (@VickiMcKenna) August 22, 2012

More from Fox News:

Boston Market is pulling salt shakers off its tables and has pledged to reduce the amount of sodium in some of its signature dishes.

The Golden, Colo. based company says it plans to reduce the amount of sodium in three of its dishes — rotisserie chicken, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes — by 20 percent in the next six months.  All of its dishes would have 15 percent less sodium in the coming years.

While the salt shakers will be banned at the tables, Boston Market says they’ll keep a set at the beverage station. And if you’re wondering, pepper shakers will keep their place at the table.

@rocbuzz I was at Boston Market and salt was gone from tables. There was a note next to the pepper saying you can find it at the beverages.

— Michelle Shippers (@MShippers) August 22, 2012

Absurd. Treating customers like children and putting the icky stuff out of reach. And for what? People will still use the salt, if they choose to do so. We know; freedom to make individual choices is a hard concept to Nannies.

So this move is just a way to smugly self-pat on the back. Oh, look at us! We are so conscious and awesome. Maybe Michelle Obama and her Food Nannies will praise us!

Apparently Boston Market doesn't think I can handle having salt on the table.

— Joe Flint (@JBFlint) August 22, 2012

UGH! Mind your own business, food police! Boston Market yanks shakers to help cut salt | Fox News via @fxnleisure

— Rhonda Craig (@Mamarhili) August 22, 2012

Hey, you know who has great chicken and values personal liberty? Chick-fil-A. And their cookies aren’t discus-sized!

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