New York City’s Future Skyline Is Going To Look A Lot Different (Photos)

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City Realty

The Big Apple has had both minor and major changes to its skyline over the years.

Regardless, other places like Singapore, Dubai and Beijing still manage to outshine New York City, as far as skylines are concerned.

One quick Google image search highlights how architecturally advanced each of the noted places really are in comparison to the Concrete Jungle.

However, according to CityLab, that could all change come 2018. And waiting a little less than four¬†years for a skyline makeover in the city that never sleeps isn’t unrealistic.

As a matter of fact, that’s the year the¬†MoMA Tower, located at 53 west 53rd Street, is supposed to near completion.

The MoMA Tower is just the tip of the iceberg. There a number of other construction sites along Central Park that will eventually become the location for other highrises, including One57, which offers its “cheapest” apartment at $7.3 million.

The most expensive apartments within the structure will sell for $90 million.

Not to mention, we’re still waiting on the completion of 432 Park Avenue, which boasts penthouses for the wealthy, conveniently priced at $95 million.

Ultimately, the city’s going to look a lot different over the course of the next few years. CityRealty put together a few awesome renderings of what to expect.

Check them out below for a closer look!

Here is what Manhattan will look like once all planned construction is complete:

555 10th Avenue in Manhattan, 346 Livingston Street in Brooklyn, 250 Ashland Place in Brooklyn and 700 1st Avenue in Manhattan will all contribute.

This is a look at the MoMA Tower and 432 Park Avenue once completed:

Pretty futuristic, huh?

Check out the additional photos below:

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