Little Girl Absolutely Loses Her Sh*t When She Sees A Reindeer On TV (Video)

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When I discovered Santa wasn’t real, I was honestly more heartbroken by the possibility that reindeers could also be a figment of our parents’ imaginations.

Luckily, such is not the case. They are real, and they’re awesome.

Little Emma will surely be comforted by this fact when she learns the cold, hard truth about Ol’ Saint Nick because she loves reindeer — Dancer, specifically.

Watch the little tyke geek out over a dancing reindeer that made an appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show.”

Emma cannot contain herself as she squeals and shimmies in delight at what she’s seen. Granted, this dancing reindeer was only a man in a costume — but that doesn’t matter to her.

She’s in love, and it shows.

We’re so glad Mom and Dad had the foresight to film the little nugget’s gleeful reaction to Santa’s furry helper — it’s heart-meltingly adorable.

The Christmas season may be over, but the spirit never dies.

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