Link25 (041) – The Jedi Cat Edition

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This is it. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. For the past week you’ve done nothing but work, typing away in your cubicle, secluded from the world while the rest of us had an amazing time laughing at hilarious videos and enjoying everything else the internet has to offer. Well, now it’s your time. These are25 of the week’s best links, articles, images, and videos from all over the web just giving you a glimpse of everything you’ve missed out on. And seriously…it was a lot. Einstein playing a guitar, cats wielding light sabers, and of course the world’s largest whisper fight. But enough with this petty banter. This is Link25 (041) – The Ninja Cat Edition.

25. Picture of the Week: This Self-Portrait is Out of this World

International Space Station astronaut, Aki Hoshide (Japan), recorded this striking image while helping to augment the capabilities of the Earth-orbiting International Space Station (ISS). Visible in this outworldly assemblage is […]




19. Macro Photos of Individual Snowflakes

Andrew Osokin is a Russian photographer based in Moscow. Using a 60/90mm macro lens and his Nikon D90, Andrew has an incredible gallery of nearly 500 photographs on the Russian photosite There you will find not only close-ups of snowflakes but amazing captures of […]





13. Albania: A Bunker For Every Four People

Although it was chosen as the No.1 Destination in Lonely Planet’s list of ten top countries to visit for 2011, Albania is still a country unexplored and unknown to most. The small coastal nation, wedged between Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia and Greece, was […]




7. 10 Unusual Homes Around The World

All around the world there are many “unique” places to call home. Some people live in caves, sailboats, and apartments 7000 feet above sea level. As one travels across the planet, one sees the nearly unlimited range of […]




1. How Groundhog Day Got Started

Like so many holiday traditions, the origins and progression of Groundhog Day to what we think of it today as are a bit murky. However, we’ll try to shed some light on the subject, starting with the day of the year. Groundhog Day is celebrated on February 2nd because […]

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