Larry the Cable Guy surprises Fort Bragg soldiers, receives special gift [pics, video]


Soldiers at Fort Bragg got-r-done today, with a little help from Larry the Cable Guy. The comedian surprised the troops, meeting with wounded warriors and putting on a show:!/foxandfriends/status/484320651696955392!/DrewBrooks/status/484346287522082816!/DrewBrooks/status/484348718406066177

(More video here.)!/DrewBrooks/status/484354702386401280!/DrewBrooks/status/484383271800037376

So awesome. And while Larry the Cable Guy was there to give something back to our brave soldiers, one family had a gift for him:!/Arianas_Bow_/status/484394612707295232!/GitRDoneLarry/status/484398411752300544


Thank you, sir, for gittin’-r-done!!/GitRDoneLarry/status/484438687598788608



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