Kate Middleton Took The Most Adorable Birthday Photos Of Princess Charlotte

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Maybe there is something to royalty after all, because all of the British royal children arethe cutest kids around. Whether it’s Prince George going out in a bathrobe to meetPresident Obama or Princess Charlotte’s first birthday, the royal babies are cute AF.

In honor of Princess Charlotte’s first birthday, which is tomorrow, Kate Middleton, aka Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, took a few photos of heradorable daughterand shared them with us all on Instagram.

If that isn’t the cutest bow on the cutest baby ever, then I’m not an expert on royal children. (I’m not an expert, of course. Is that even a thing?)

Seriously,the British royal family must have a person whose sole job is to dress the children.

What is Charlotte even pushing? Whatever it is, that is a look of pure joy if I’ve ever seen one.

Just look at that face. Charlotte actually looks so much like her father, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge. It’s scary.

BRB, I’ll just be trying to steal the royal children.

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