Kanye West’s skirt steals the 12-12-12 concert buzz, spawns Twitter account


Because nothing says “relief for Sandy victims” like a pleated leather skirt paired with a hoodie, here’s what Kanye West wore to the 12-12-12 benefit concert:

Imma let you finish, but the Twitterverse is pretty sure where Kanye got that skirt.

KANYE IS WEARING A LEATHER SKIRT Kim K. must have picked that out…thats the only logical explanation 4 this… #121212concert

— Tion (ティオン ) (@tiooonnn) December 13, 2012

Kanye is that skirt from the Kardashian Kollection? #121212concert

— Louis Loiodice (@LouisLoiodice) December 13, 2012

in lighter news, kanye seems to be wearing a skirt…must of borrowed it from kim #classyman

— Lauren (@therealLsweitz) December 13, 2012

How nice of Kim kardashian to let kanye borrow her skirt for the night

— emily strich (@emilystrich) December 13, 2012

Could it be? Did Kanye raid his girlfriend’s closet?

At least we know where Kanye got the skirt… twitter.com/LAURCELtheSHEL…

— Lauren Platt (@LAURCELtheSHELL) December 13, 2012

Kim loved the look, natch.

Awwwwwwww I’m so excited right now!!!!! He looks so cute!!

— Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian) December 13, 2012

More importantly:

Does Kanye’s skirt have a Twitter account yet?

— Jean Martha(@TheJeanMartha) December 13, 2012

Of course! It had to happen:

Nothing but the finest pleather money can buy. Yeah, i’m fly. #121212Concert

— Kanye’s Skirt (@KanyesSkirt) December 13, 2012

Sorry everybody. This is awkward for me too. #121212Concert

— Kanye’s Skirt (@KanyesSkirt) December 13, 2012

Damn, i was hoping @jamiefoxx would show up in person. Maybe in a leather halter top. #121212Concert

— Kanye’s Skirt (@KanyesSkirt) December 13, 2012

Anybody know if @foofightersdave is looking for something to wear for his set? #121212Concert

— Kanye’s Skirt (@KanyesSkirt) December 13, 2012

For those of you wishing to purchase a similar garment, go to your local Scottish S&M outlet.

— Kanye’s Skirt (@KanyesSkirt) December 13, 2012

Im thinking of doing a duet with Roger Daltrey’s pecs.

— Kanye’s Skirt (@KanyesSkirt) December 13, 2012

Getting outperformed right now, @kanyewest. And Sir Paul is wearing mom jeans.

— Kanye’s Skirt (@KanyesSkirt) December 13, 2012

Alright, goin in the suitcase for the night. @kanyewest is taking me shopping for matching hooker boots tomorrow.

— Kanye’s Skirt (@KanyesSkirt) December 13, 2012

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