Ivanka Ran Out Of The Room When Dad Wouldn’t Apologize For ‘Access Hollywood’ Tape


Ivanka Trump has been criticized repeatedly for not being more vocal about her fathers sexism, especially in relation to the controversial Access Hollywoodtape.

But according to people who were present in Donald Trumps office when the tape went public, she was extremely upset, The New York Times reports.

At the time, many felt this tape, in which Trump bragged about sexual assault and used extremely crude language, could derail his campaign.

To summarize what Trump said, When youre a star you can do anything. This was the video with his infamous grab them by the pussy comment.

Ivanka Trump reportedly pushed her father to make a full-throated apology.

But, the Times reported,

As she spoke, Mr. Trump remained unyielding. His daughters eyes welled with tears, her face reddened, and she hurried out in frustration.

Trump ultimately issued a half-assed apology, in which he referred to his statements as locker room talk.

Somehow, Trump still won the election, and Ivanka went on to become the first daughter and a very influential member of the Trump administration.

Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump is still facing a slew of criticism over her complicity in her fathers derogatory behavior toward women, as well as his policies that attack gender equality.

Her brand has been boycotted, and Nordstrom even stopped carrying it.

The first daughter was booed as she attempted to defend the presidents record on womens issues at a recent conference in Germany.

Shes also faced ongoing attacks whenever her father makes decisions that directly impact women, such as the recent cancellation of the Let Girls Learn girls education program started by Michelle Obama.

Ivanka Trump has attempted to paint herself as a voice of moderation in the White House and as someone who will be a fierce champion for women.

But many see her position there as blatant nepotism and feel she uses feminism as a means to build her brand.

Its hard to believe this story about how she reacted to the Access Hollywoodtape will have a major impact on her image, especially with young women.

A recent Cosmopolitan poll showed just 21 percent of young women view the first daughter, who is 35, favorably.

Unless she becomes a more outspoken critic her father, this likely wont change.

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