Insane House In Australia Looks Like It’s Floating Above The Ocean (Photos)

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F2 ArchitectureF2 Architecture

F2 Architecture

Australia tends to top the list when it comes to finding some of the most extreme things in the world.

Where else can you find great white sharks, enormous spiders and people who consider crocodile hunting a hobby all in one place?

So it’s no surprise that Australia is also home to one of the most extreme rental houses around.

Dubbed The Pole House, this awesome oceanfront pad designed by F2 Architecture is located along the Great Ocean Road in Fairhaven.

But that’s not all, the thing that makes this rental really badass is the fact that it is elevated 131 feet above the beautiful beach.

The front of the beach house features a long walkway built with tall glass barriers, so it almost seems like you are suspended in mid-air as you enter the house.

As far as the interior goes, this striking rental is decked out in a luxurious, contemporary design that boasts floor-to-ceiling retractable glass walls, so you can take full advantage of the ocean breeze and those sweeping coastal views.

If one thing is for sure, this crib serves as the ultimate escape if you’re looking for a place that’s a bit over-the-top.

Take a look at the photos below to see this insane Australian beach house.

Behold, The Pole House…


In all its floating glory.


Perched high above the beach, this rental home is pretty over-the-top.


Even the fireplace looks like it’s suspended in mid-air.


And the view is absolutely breathtaking.


The whole house features a sleek, contemporary design.


And the walls retract for the ultimate oceanfront view.


There’s also an amazing wraparound balcony.


This house takes living on the edge to a whole new level.


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