Idiot Bathes In A Thousand Bottles Of Hot Sauce, Doesn’t Have A Nice Time

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How much is a bottle of hot sauce these days?YouTuber Cemre Candarmust have struck some kind of deal somewhere, or robbed a factory, because I’d imagine if I went to the local supermarket and tried to buy 1250 bottles of hot sauce it would leave me out of pocket.

That’s a lot of money to spend on abath, but if you’re seeking YouTube fame then it’s probably all worth it. This video has been watched over 2 million times, and those bottles of hot sauce have paid for themselves. To top it all off he’s got those fond memories of that wonderful time he had in a bathtub full of hot sauce.

Maybe not. It’s quite the opposite in fact. He screams and gasps throughout the whole thing, and at one point seems to think he’s gone blind. When we get to see him a few hours later he seems much better, but he does look like he fell asleep on a tanning bed turned up to ‘sinder’.


There is one moment, however, when amidst all of the pain he takes the time out to eat a chili. The above screenshot is possibly the only moment in the entire video where looks like he’s having any fun at all.

Surely he knew that this was going to happen?

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