I Had To Walk Of Shame Through The NYC Marathon In My Halloween Costume


Just a few months ago, I had a pretty epic walk of shame the morning after my 30th birthday.

I haphazardly stumbled the hallways of a highbrow Manhattan hotel before walkinginto a tightly packed elevator filled with perfectly coiffed, designer perfume-smelling celebrity PR people, and there I was wreakingof last nights booze, my hair an oversexed train wreckandmakeup smeared down my puffy face.

There was a tear in my tights and an inexplicable stain on my expensive bodycon dress. I had to ride down 24 flights feeling like a displaced Courtney Love in an elevator full of chic Anna Wintours.

But you know what? Even though it wasnt the way I imagined waking up at the golden age of 30, I was sort of proud.

After all, Ive learned its not a walk of shame, its aSTRIDE OF PRIDE, right?

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