How Well Do You Remember The First Episode Of “Sex And The City”?

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I just got to thinking…

  1. 1. What is the first word spoken in the show?

    1. “Once”
    2. “Sex”
    3. “There”
    4. “So”

    The first line is “Once upon a time an English journalist came to New York.” It’s taken from Carrie’s column.

  2. 2. Who are the first two characters we meet?

    1. Carrie and Samantha
    2. Miranda and Charlotte
    3. Carrie and Miranda
    4. Elizabeth and Tim

    In her column, Carrie describes how Elizabeth, an English journalist, and Tim, an investment banker, meet at a gallery opening and start dating.

  3. 3. What is the first sentence Carrie says to the camera?

    1. “Where are all the men?”
    2. “How did we get into this mess?”
    3. “Has Manhattan lost its spark?”
    4. “Does it really matter?”

    Carrie is reflecting on how Tim left Elizabeth.

  4. 4. Why does Charlotte think there are so may single women in New York?

    1. Women have higher standards than men.
    2. Men are threatened by successful women.
    3. Men don’t fancy women older than 30.
    4. Men aren’t interested in comittment.

    Charlotte explains that women have to underplay their success if they want to hold onto a man.

  5. 5. Where do we first see the group together?

    1. Having a weekly catch up over brunch.
    2. Having lunch in a cafe.
    3. Celebrating Miranda’s birthday over dinner.
    4. At Carrie’s apartment, getting ready to go out.

    Carrie describe’s the event “another 30-something birthday”.

  6. 6. What’s Samantha’s suggestion to Miranda?

    1. Gets drunk.
    2. Lowers her expectations.
    3. Gives up.
    4. Has sex like a man.

    Samantha explains that women should all start having sex without feelings.

  7. 7. What do the women drink with dinner?

    1. Cosmopolitans
    2. Martinis
    3. G&Ts
    4. Wine

  8. 8. What is the first question Carrie asks in her column?

    1. “Is there really someone out there for everyone?”
    2. “Were women in New York really giving up on love and throttling up on power?”
    3. “Could women really have sex without feelings?”
    4. “Were women in New York destined to be alone forever?”

    “What a tempting thought,” she then adds.

  9. 9. Who is at the bar in the restaurant Carrie and Stanford have lunch at?

    1. Big
    2. Aiden
    3. Someone Carrie has had sex with 3 times.
    4. Someone Stanford has had sex with twice.

    It’s Kurt, a man who Carrie describes as “the best sex she’s ever had in her life.”

  10. 10. Why does Kurt get annoyed with Carrie?

    1. She refuses to have sex with him.
    2. She ignores him.
    3. She makes fun of him in public.
    4. She has sex with him, but leaves before he’s finished.

    Carrie goes back to Kurt’s house for sex, and leaves when she’s done.

  11. 11. How does Carrie first meet Big?

    1. She walks into him.
    2. She drops her bag and he picks up the condoms that fell out.
    3. He buys her a drink in a bar.
    4. She gets set up on a blind date with him by a mutual friend.

    She leaves Kurt’s house, drops her bag, and Big helps her pick up its contents.

  12. 12. How do Skipper and Miranda meet?

    1. They work in the same place.
    2. They live in the same building.
    3. He hails her a cab.
    4. Carrie sets them up on a date.

    Skipper and Carrie are friends, and he asks her to set him up with one of his friends.

  13. 13. When Carrie and Samantha run into Big later, who does Samantha compare him to?

    1. David Hasslehoff
    2. <span class="quiz_che

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