How One Guy Is Turning Your Biggest Fear Into Something Truly Special. This Is Awesome.

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Not having a limb is more than just a disability; it’s a part of life that so many people can’t understand. Thankfully, there are people like Reddit user avonelle’s friend. He makes custom prosthetic limbs for people so that they can truly identify with their new limbs. They are fun, they are flashy and they help countless people live normal lives.

The custom creations are both beautiful and functional.

The limbs help people live normal lives… and look totally cool while they do it.

It’s heartbreaking that children so young need prosthetic limbs, but the Certified Prosthetic Assistant is happy to help.

Every creation is customized to match its wearer. The limbs truly become a part of the person.

They can be made for patriots…

Tiny Disney enthusiasts…

Sports fans…

Those who are a little wild…

And those who are bad to the BONE (even if the bones aren’t there).

He’s an unsung hero!

He is a Certified Prosthetic Assistant, through the ABC, American Board of Certification. His passion is admirable and his work is absolutely amazing. Source

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