How Cristiano Ronaldo Is Able To Have The Life We Could Only Dream Of

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When you hear the name Cristiano Ronaldo, you immediately know that whatever comes next is going to be worth talking about.

His style of play is unparalleled; his competitive spirit is like no other, and plus, he’s just so damn marketable!

He is the perfect example of how hard work pays off (figuratively and literally) and what happens when you focus on refining every inch of your craftsmanship (body included).

Cristiano Ronaldo defines greatness and his story to success should inspire yours. Let’s hit the pitch.

Cristiano wasn’t always the super-marketable cover boy he is today.


In fact, he was once expelled from school for throwing a chair at a teacher.


According to, Cristiano was quite the troublemaker during his schooling days. He said,

I was not thick but I was not interested in school. I was expelled after I threw a chair at the teacher. He disrespected me.

But, who wants to dwell on the past?


The good thing is, from that moment on, he vowed to focus on football.


In an interview with the Sunday Mirror, Cristiano said,

When I got to 14 I felt I had the potential. I thought I was maybe good enough at that time to play semi-professionally. It was not until 22 when I was with Manchester United that I started to believe I was the best. ‘I’m determined, I’m strong, very quick and I’m very, very professional.’

That’s exactly what he did.


As of lately, he’s looked at as a self-indulged…


…extremely fashionable…


…and, like all real men, a big crybaby.


At the end of the day, you can’t forget what he does best.


Becoming Manchester United’s first Portuguese player must have made him do a little dance.


But, did he ask for the headlines, billboards and pandemonium that comes with fame?


Or, the STUNNING woman he refers to as his partner?


She’s literally the female version of Cristiano Ronaldo.


What about the countless commercials and short movies he’s appeared in?

He DID ask for this.



When I’m halfway through my career, I’ll have a museum like the one he built for himself.

Do receipts of free Chipotle and an impressive number of completed sessions for ClassPass count?

…and this.


He may have been born with a talent that has kept him above all.


And, his time spent training and working on his craft has been overshadowed by the statistics, fame, fortune and accolades.


But, like most of us, he, too, has to clock in the hours.


No one else can say he wakes up as the “World’s Fittest Man.”


Now women all over the world know.


When you’re at the top, the endorsements start to roll in.


So does the money…


*Notice the value of money is in British Pounds

…And, support from others who want to build your brand, even if its actuality was denied.


Don’t forget the “Oregon Ducks” treatment he receives from Nike!


The plug he has with magazines like Vogue is a testament to his greatness.


Fingers crossed he never encounters a career-ending injury, but if that day comes, it’s safe to say he will be okay selling other products.

CR7 by Cristiano Ronaldo Underwear LaunchCR7 by Cristiano Ronaldo Underwear Launch

Besides his success with CR7 in the underwear industry, his fashion brand is branching out into other markets: social networking and mobile apps.

Oh, by the way, let’s chill out with the Messi – Ronaldo compare and contrast.


This is a war that will never end. All we know is that both players are the greatest of their time and they are not the same. But, Ronaldo has had the best of Messi (as of lately).

All in all, this man has continuously amazed the world with his presence on and off the field. It’s about time we push the “personal” vendetta aside and appreciate the unearthly overall performance Cristiano Ronaldo has to offer.

Every great thing comes to an end; let’s pray CR7 has a great deal of wheelin’ and dealin’ left.

Above all else, respect the technique.


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