Holidays 2011: Best 25 Gift Ideas For Under $100

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As much as you love your friends and family is the relationship really worth any more than $100? We thought so. That’s why we created this list for all of you cheapskates out there. We’re just kidding, but seriously, you can get some of the best gifts this holiday season for under $100 and 25 of them are right here!

25. Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone

As cool as the iPhone can be, its battery life could certainly us a little boost. Enter theMophie Juice Pack. Not only does it protect your iPhone as a case, but it also more than doubles your battery charge.

24. GL1 Vehicle Diagnostics for iPhone/iPad

TheGL1will connect directly to your vehicle and send the engine’s on board diagnostics (OBD) data to your phone. Using your iPhone or iPad you can read diagnostics codes, log engine performance and even charge your phone.

23. Back to Basics Egg and Muffin Toaster

And you thought the drive-thru was fast! Make your favorite breakfast sandwiches — at home — in minutes. Toaster, egg cooker, and meat warmer-the innovativeEgg and Muffin Toastercombines all three functions into one easy-to-use appliance.

22. Tool Logic Survival Card with Firestarter

A brand new shiny credit card: good. A brand new shiny credit card with an extremely high credit limit: better. Acredit card survival toolthat can start a fire: priceless (especially in emergency situations).

21. Tassimo Single Serve Coffee Brewer

Brew your coffee with no measuring, no fuss, and no cleanup. All you have to do is insert a disk intoTassimoand your coffee will be ready in about a minute.

20. Steve Jobs [Hardcover]

In case you haven’t read our article25 things you didn’t know about Steve Jobs, you will find a riveting narrative constructed from over 40 personal interviews in thisSteve Jobs biographyby Walter Isaacson.

19. Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game

Now you can play your favorite app game in real life!The age-old battle between Angry Birds and the egg-stealing pigs continues, and the birds will have their revenge inAngry Birds: Knock On Wood. Draw cards, build castles, and knock them down in this hands-on version of the touchscreen hit.

18. Apple TV

TheApple TVis small but it lets you rent from the largest collection of HD movies and rent TV shows, commercial free. You can also stream directly from the huge library of Netflix titles or iTunes.

17. LaCie Keychain Flashdrive

Both water and scratch resistant theLaCie iamakey v2is the intersection of both inventive storage and data protection. Intended for your keychain it allows to keep a vast amount of data with you wherever you go (up to 8 GB)

16. Freeloader Portable Solar Charger

The cost of most forms of energy has increased a lot recently and will likely only go up in the future. Thankfully, the energy emitted from the Sun is still free (until somescroogegenius figures out how to charge for it). TheFreeloader Portable Solar Chargercan help you tap into this free source of energy; you simply plug it in and point it towards the Sun.

15. Logitech 720p Webcam Pro

Featuring ultra-smooth autofocus, widescreen format, and intelligent face tracking thisLogitech Webcam Promakes your online experience a whole lot more real. Most importantly though, it delivers super smooth video at a 720p resolution.

14. Bucky Balls – The Amazing Magnetic Desktoy

Featured in Rolling Stone, People, and Maxim each set ofBucky Ballscontains 216 powerful magnetic balls that can be shaped and sculpted to your every heart’s desire.

13. Sony Backlit Digital Photoframe

Display all of your pictures at home with this easy-to-useSony Backlit Digital Photo Frame. Enjoy your photos as single images or as a slideshow using a variety of transition effects.

12. Apple iPod Shuffle

With a 2 GB capacity you can hold up to 500 of your favorite workout jams on theiPod Shuffle. As with most Apple products, its interface is intuitive and makes taking your music with you a breeze.

11. Lenovo Multimedia Remote

With a mini wireless keyboard and palm-sized dimensions thisLenovo Multimedia Remoteoffers a compact way to improve your home theater PC experience. It communicates with your PC by way of a tiny USB dongle and provides excellent range during your use.

10. Sennheiser HD-280 Pro Headphones

TheseSennheiser Headphonesproduce thrilling true-to-life sound, while keeping outside sound where it should be, OUT. Compatible with 3.5mm connectors, they fit around your ear comfortably and collapse to fold into small spaces.

9. F-Stop Watch

Perfect for all of your photographer friends theF-Stop Watchfeatures the numbers of the F-Stop in white while every other number is unmarked.

8. Violight UV Cellphone Sanitizer

Studies have shown that your cellphone can collect more bacteria than a toilet seat. TheViolight UV Cellphone Sanitizerwill destroy those germs and leave your coworkers jealous of your clean, shiny phone.

7. Tocky Rollaway Alarm Clock

Not only willTockywake you up on time, he’ll roll off your nightstand and onto floor so you can’t reach over and hit the snooze button.

6. Kindle

Lighter than a paper back yet with clear text and images, theKindlewill let you read without eye strain and carry up to 1,400 books with you wherever you go.

5. Canon Powershot A495

Simplicity is king with theCanon Powershot A495. Perfect for anyone who craves style and convenience it comes with a10.0-megapixel resolution and 3.3x optical zoom to make your job easier.

4. Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

With impressive bass output theCreative D100is a worthwhile addition to any outdoor get-together. It runs on 4 AA batteries that give it enough juice to last up to 25 hours.

3. T-Qualizer Shirt

Party like it’s 2999 with the glowing display on theT-Qualizerthat dynamically changes with any ambient sound or music. This has to be the coolest wearable tech we’ve seen since the George Foreman backpack grill.

2. Relativity Watch

Great for people who can’t really tell time anyway, the numbers on the face of theRelativity Watchare constantly morphing. In 30 seconds 3 becomes 9! Also great for time travelers (since a regular watch is pretty much useless).

1. Lots of love!

As per the question we asked everyone on ourFacebook Pageabout what you would want from Santa, the most popular response by a landslide was love, and lots of it!

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