Hershey Made A 3D Printer So You Can Create Things From Chocolate (Video)

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You’d probably be way more interested in 3D-printing technology if you could use it to make anything you wanted out of chocolate (or rough diamonds), right?

In a recent video uploaded to YouTube by 3D Systems, we’re introduced to the CocoJet, a 3D printer developed thanks to a partnership between 3D Systems and The Hershey Company.

The CocoJet, recently unveiled at CES 2015, simply allows you to print your very own designs using chocolate.

Although Christmas has passed us by, you can still put this on your late Christmas wish list. Those exist, don’t they?

As of right now, there’s been no word on when people will actually be able to get their hands on a CocoJet, but the fact that a fully-functional version actually exists is awesome.

The chocolate-obsessed couldn’t be happier!

Check out the video above for a closer look at the creations made using pure chocolatey goodness.

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