Here’s How Much Exercise You Need To Do To Burn Off Your Favorite Foods (Photos)

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During the holiday season, many people tend to overeat.

As a result, gaining a few pounds during the winter is pretty common. But it doesnt have to be.

The folks over at Buddy Loans created a series of infographics detailing how many minutes the average person would need to exercise to burn off the calories from eight popular junk foods.

The stats are pretty intimidating — the average woman would need to do 51 minutes of cardio to burn off a Big Mac— but the information is incredibly useful, especially as New Year’s Day (hello, annual weight-loss resolutions!) approaches.

Check out the infographics below.

Chocolate bar, 237 calories

French fries, 460 calories

Burger, 490 calories

Soft drink, 139 calories

Chocolate cake, 1,710 calories

Pint of beer, 245 calories

Friedchicken dinner, 726 calories

Pizza, 682 calories

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