He Called A Random Man For A Job Reference And He Turned Out To Be The Best Person Ever

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When an Australian radio host prank called a random stranger pretending that he needed a reference for a job interview, he certainly didn’t expect this.

Hosts of the popular radio show “Hamish & Andy” love to play harmless pranks on complete strangers. In their latest stunt, Hamish randomly dialed a number and got James Lord, an electrician from Melbourne. The show host pretended to be a man named Tim Barnard, needing a reference for an accounting job.

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Well, much to Hamish’s surprise, Lord turned out to be the nicest man ever. Not only did he agree to help the stranger, but he completely delivered on his promise when the radio host called back later asking for a full rundown of Barnard’s character and achievements.

This is above and beyond!

Since the show aired, Lord has been hailed as “the best bloke in Australia,” and I think we can all agree he fully deserves it. I want to be his friend!

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