Google’s April Fool’s Day prank!/SardonicSimon/status/186182633066201089

If you have been to Google Maps today, you have seen the April Fool’s Day prank that is being played on internet users. Google has temporarily reverted to an 8-bit map format that looks strikingly similar to a Nintendo Entertainment System. Even though the temporary system change is an obvious downgrade, some users actually like searching for landmarks and locations using the 8-bit format.

Google have pulled out the stops with their 8 bit mode maps.

— Nick Griffiths (@nicobrevin) March 31, 2012

haha totally digging google 8bit google maps

— ‾ǝɔıɹdɯ‾ (@_mprice_) March 31, 2012

Oh even more awesome. All of Google Maps is in 8-bit! (click the quests thing on the left of the page)

— Mark@CoffeeGeek (@CoffeeGeek) March 31, 2012

Google's first April Fool this year is brilliant: 'Maps 8-bit' for the NES

— Kasam (@kasam) March 31, 2012

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