Female Russian Cosmonaut Gives Perfect Response To Reporter Asking About Her Hair And Makeup

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Russia just made history by sending a female cosmonaut on a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station.

Yelena Serova, 38, along with Russian colleague Alexander Samokutyaev and NASA’s Barry Wilmore, recently sat down for a press conference to discuss their upcoming mission.

Though Serova, the fourth Russian woman in space, will serve a crucial role on the ISS as a flight engineer, reporters at the conference only seemed interested in one thing: her appearance.

The barrage of sexist questions included, “How are you planning to do your hair” and “Are you bringing makeup with you?” Not only are the questions completely stupid — who the hell cares about her hair? — it also shows an incredible immaturity on the reporters’ parts.

Unsurprisingly, Serova became agitated by the questions. Instead of focusing on her intelligence and skills, the reporters seemed to be only concerned with her gender.

The spitfire cosmonaut, luckily, was not about that sexist bullsh*t. She ignored the makeup question entirely, and when asked about her hair, she responded,

I have a question for you. Why don’t you ask about Alexander’s hair? This is my answer, sorry.

Shut it down, girl.

The three astronauts launched today and safely boarded the International Space Station, marking this as the first day of their six-month mission in space. We wish them continued luck on their mission.

See the whole press conference (translated) above.

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