Fan debate: Kentucky Wildcats vs. Charlotte Bobcats!/Rozzzzay/status/192324735525339136

Basketball fans from across the nation had a heated Twitter debate on Tuesday over who would win on the hardwood. The NCAA champion Kentucky Wildcats or the Charlotte Bobcats who are by far the worst team in the NBA.

Some fans think it’s absolutely absurd to imagine a college team beating any NBA team. We want to remind those fans that the Bobcats just aren’t any NBA team. They’re way worse than most.

We think it would be quite a fun matchup to watch. Here’s what others are saying…

Kentucky won a national championship because their starting five are all future NBA Stars. They would dominate the Bobcats. #UKvsBobcats

— Tyler Kovacs (@tkovacs14) April 17, 2012

1st off the bobcats are a NBA franchise if the players form UK was that nice they wouldn't b playing college ball #UKvsBobcats

— Tony2x (@T__WALLS) April 17, 2012

I understand University of Kentucky had a good team but no way can they beat the Bobcats. The bobcats are all PROS #UKvsBobcats

— A. Martinez (@amart23_) April 17, 2012

Sorry, but no college team can beat a NBA team…. maybe 1 outta 10 games but not consistently #UKvsBobcats

— Jordan Kaplan (@JKaplan_nV) April 17, 2012

#UKvsBobcats UK's starting 5 probably could not beat the Bobcats. But you can bet the UK players were paid more.

— RYAN MOSES #⃣1⃣0⃣ (@RMoses10) April 17, 2012

#UKvsBobcats I never thought a college starting 5 could beat an nba starting 5 until now. UK has better chemistry and better will to win.

— Adam Reed (@TheA_Reed) April 17, 2012

Only if UK used the Monstars' magic bball to steal NBA talent. #UKvsBobcats RT @SportsCenter: Could UK's starting 5 beat the Bobcats?

— Andrew Batchelor (@awbatchelor) April 17, 2012

No NCAA can beat an NBA team. Think about it: all professional players were once all-stars of their own college teams. #UKvsBobcats

— Jordan C. Howell (@JordanCHowell) April 17, 2012

#UKvsBobcats is a stupid trending topic. No college team, regardless of how good the starting 5 is, could beat an NBA team. It won't happen.

— Promiscuous Protesta (@ThePrince_Simba) April 17, 2012

#UKvsBobcats UK has a matchup advantage at every position. UK would beat the bobcats by 10, extending their losing streak to 17. #BBN RT

— TJ (@TeamBBN) April 17, 2012

It's all about how they play together. UK has the charisma required to beat the Bobcats and the skill to back it up. #UKvsBobcats

— Middle Finger Emoji (@ShitSethSaysMD) April 17, 2012

#UKvsBobcats if we're talking about the Bobcats with a healthy starting lineup they will win plus theyll eat up more space in the paint

— αφηγητής (@LeVrai_Conteur) April 17, 2012

Kentucky's starting 5 would dominate the bobcats, all future NBA stars #nodoubt #UKvsBobcats

— Seth Roush (@Seth_Roush27) April 17, 2012

Fun Fact: #Bobcats have lost 17 straight. Kentucky has lost 17 games since March 7th, 2009. #UKvsBobcats

— Josh Batelli (@Josh_Batelli) April 17, 2012

#UKvsBobcats No chance that Kentucky could beat the Bobcats. All players on the Bobcats were stars in college, hence them being in the #NBA

— Trav (@PistolNaus) April 17, 2012

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