Exit polling shows it’s still the economy, stupid


An exit poll conducted by the Associated Press today shows that the economy is the number one issue on most voters’ minds by a large margin as they enter the voting booth.

Exit poll shows economy remains top concern, only 4 in 10 think economy on the mend: apne.ws/TIX1JJ #Election2012 -CJ

— The Associated Press (@AP) November 6, 2012

AP’s polling shows that 60 percent of voters say the economy is their top concern, and yet only 4 out of 10 said they thought the economy was showing signs of recovery, while the others saw it as stagnant or getting worse.

National Exit Polling: 60% of voters’ most important issue was economy. Health care and deficit trail at 17% and 15% CBSNews.com

— CBS News (@CBSNews) November 6, 2012

EXIT POLLS: Most important issue for voters today was the economy – 60%; next was health care at 17%

— Jamie Dupree (@jamiedupree) November 6, 2012

Not Big Bird? RT @brand_allen RT @jamiedupree EXIT POLLS: Most important issue for voters today was the economy- 60%; next healthcare at 17%

— Jason Cowan (@jason_manc) November 6, 2012

ABC is reporting on exit poll results in Florida and Virginia. Florida voters say they trust Mitt Romney over Barack Obama when it comes to economic issues by a 5-point margin. ABC’s Virginia exit poll, though, shows the opposite of AP’s polling, with the majority seeing improvement in the economy.

Preliminary FL exit poll: Who’s better w/ economy?51 Romney – 46 Obama. A tie on who’s more in touch with Americans 48-46.

— Reena NinanABC (@reenaninan) November 6, 2012

Preliminary VA Exit Poll: More voters in Virginia say the economy’s getting better than worse 43%vs. 36%

— Reena NinanABC (@reenaninan) November 6, 2012

Don’t get too excited. Blaming Bush is still alive and well.

Preliminary National Exit polling: Who’s to blame for the economy’s condition George W. Bush 51%Barack Obama 40%.

— Reena NinanABC (@reenaninan) November 6, 2012

Exit polls indicate that voters still blame the poor economy on President George W. Bush. I still blame President Rutherford B. Hayes.

— Pete Labozetta (@PeteLabozetta) November 6, 2012

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