Drudge ed. Joseph Curl: ‘CIA source says still one more shoe to drop’ for Obama


The theme at The Drudge Report Tuesday morning:

Top Drudge twitter.com/BrettLoGiurato…

— Brett LoGiurato (@BrettLoGiurato) May 14, 2013

According to Drudge editor and Washington Times columnist Joseph Curl, the pouring rain ain’t over yet. He says a CIA source revealed another shoe could drop.

Benghazi, AP, IRS and one more scandal? That’s a lot of shoes, and we’re not even counting all the footwear planted firmly in President Obama’s mouth.

Exit question from Matt Drudge:

Would nation have the courage to remove its first black president IF proved he is corrupt?

— MATT DRUDGE (@DRUDGE) May 14, 2013

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