Do You Have An Annoying, Fidgety Friend? They Could Use One Of These Rings.

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We all have friends that like to fidget. (Or maybe you’re the fidgety friend.) Either way, I have the product that might just save your sanity: fidget rings.

These trendy looking rings do pretty much what you think. They’re designed to give you something to fidget with instead of biting your fingernails or picking your calluses. I’m not sure they’re less annoying than those things, but they’re at least more sanitary, right?

This is one of the fidget ring models. You can click it from left to right.

They come in a few different variations.

This one actually looks like the most fun. It’s a ball that you roll around the ring.

You can even get these rings in a different colors.

I certainly know a few friends who could use one of these rings. If I have to listen to them crack their knuckles one more time…

(H/T: Oddity Mall)

These rings actually look pretty fun. I might have to get a few of these for my friends for Christmas. Anything is better than trying to have a conversation and listening to them crack their knuckles over and over again. *shudder*

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