dead; Dennis Miller didn’t mean to start death rumor!/DennisDMZ/status/206917581406355456

Dennis Miller, celebrity death hoaxer?

Nah. But Sunday night, Miller inadvertently shocked his followers with a tweet that made it seem like actor Gary Sinise had died.

@DennisDMZ ????

— Tots4Masses (@Tots4Masses) May 28, 2012

RT @DennisDMZ: Gary Sinise is in a pneumatic tube to heaven.//What does that even mean? I just googled to see if he died. He didn't.

— Deb @dabadooey (@dabadooey) May 28, 2012

@DennisDMZ That is ABSOLUTELY going to start a rumor that he has passed. CAREFUL!!

— Chrissy Olinger (@oliewankanobe) May 28, 2012

@DennisDMZ "pneumatic tube to heaven" reads like he died. Had to check the news.

— Stanley Mcstanley (@reverendcaptain) May 28, 2012

Miller just meant that if anyone is ultimately Heaven bound, it’s Sinise. He tweeted a clarification before the death rumors got out of hand:

Sinise is fine! I just meant his good works will eventually rapture him at Defcon 1.

— Dennis Miller Show (@DennisDMZ) May 28, 2012

.@DennisDMZ hope you haven't started another dead celeb Twitter rumor!

— Will Turner (@WTWV) May 28, 2012

If you missed Miller’s second tweet, rest assured, Lt. Dan is alive and kickin’, doing great work to support our troops, veterans, and their families.

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