Could You Live In A Place Where You Could Never Be Dry?

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Imagine living in a place with way more inches of rain than there are days in a year. Now picture having so much rain that you WEAR umbrellas everywhere you go. Now, imagine that’s a real place, because that’s exactly what it is.

Welcome, to Meghalaya. The Wettest Place On Earth.

Found in India, this sleepy town receives a whopping 467 inches of rain per year.

With thirteen times the annual rainfall of Seattle, this super-soaked climate allows giant rubber tree to grow to amazing heights.

Which can then be manipulated into living bridges!

Things typically get worse during monsoon season; June and July get 275 inches alone.

By contrast, New York City gets about 60 inches a year.

But the residents have adapted to the way of life–first by ensuring they carry umbrellas with them at all times.

This even includes creating wearable umbrellas that can be used while working.

Living here is truly a wonder.

(via The Atlantic)

The amazing thing about Meghalaya is truly the fact that people choose to live in this isolated, very beautiful area. Despite the rain, and the accompanying blues, the people have no reason to complain. As one resident said: “Here there’s always rain but we have to work, so it’s no good wondering about it.”

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