Conservatives look at life #InObamasAmerica!/amylutz4/status/237993418272411648

Those old enough to remember Yakov Smirnoff know that his famous “In Soviet Russia” routine, in which the Ukraine-born comic told tales of life under a Communist regime, was a huge hit in the United States. What does it say, then, when conservatives find themselves feeling like strangers living #InObamasAmerica?

#InObamasAmerica You eat what Michelle tells you too. Even if you win an Olympic Gold for your country.

— Tanner (@Brumbarger) August 21, 2012

#InObamasAmerica There are 57 states.

— Bethany Bowra (@BethanyBowra) August 21, 2012

#InObamasAmerica paying the exact amount of taxes the law says you must, makes you a tax cheat. #tcot

— Christopher Cantwell (@voteforcantwell) August 22, 2012

#InObamasAmerica creating 4 trillion in debt is irresponsible, but creating 5 trillion is worthy of reelection

— soxfan4life (@hasherhater) August 22, 2012

#InObamasAmerica Constitution loving patriots who fly the flag @ rallies = extremists. Protesters burning Old Glory = freedom fighters. #WTH

— Christine Korenthal (@LiberTEA_Lover) August 22, 2012

#InObamasAmerica Tea Partiers are terrorists but #OWS is a peaceful movement. #tcot

— Amy Lutz (@amylutz4) August 21, 2012

#InObamasAmerica food stamps and welfare are economic stimulus. #tcot

— Mark F Cook (@drmarkfcook) August 22, 2012

#InObamasAmerica filling out NCAA tournament brackets is one of the most important functions of the President.

— soxfan4life (@hasherhater) August 22, 2012

#InObamasAmerica The wealthy pay 86% of all income taxes yet are accused of not paying their "fair share" by those who pay nothing.

— SusanTexas (@SusanTexas) August 22, 2012

#InObamasAmerica giving guns to Mexican drug gangs was a good idea

— PoofImGraham (@PoofImGraham) August 22, 2012

#InObamasAmerica if you are religious and have a firearm you are a bitter clinger…

— Jake (@wastingjake) August 22, 2012

#InObamasAmerica deficits don't matter

— Rick Tapp (@rrt00004) August 22, 2012

#InObamasAmerica what solves every problem is more taxes and more spending.

— PoofImGraham (@PoofImGraham) August 22, 2012

#InObamasAmerica the Declaration Of Independence has been replaced with the Declaration Of Dependance.

— Christian (@ChristianCalls1) August 22, 2012

#InObamasAmerica there will be no small businesses left to tax #tcot

— Daniel Colby (@Dpcolby) August 22, 2012

#InObamasAmerica it will always be Bush's fault.

— Christina (@coffeemom7) August 22, 2012

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