Community Post: You Know You Work In Advertising If…

1. You read BuzzFeed, Wired, AdAge, MediaPost, and Mashable religiously.

2. You think David Ogilvy, Leo Burnett, and Bill Bernbach and are household names.

3. You know what ROI, IRL, SOW, OOO, UX, B2B, EOD, and CTR mean.

“But is it in scope?”
“I don’t know… I’ll have to check the signed SOW.”

4. You cringe when you hear the words “Lotus Notes.”

5. You frequently eat all three meals of the day at the office (and they all come from Seamless).

6. Or you find yourself living off of client meeting catering leftovers.

“Can I have that 1/3 tuna wrap?”

7. You have some sort of bottle of alcohol at your desk.

8. And drinking at the office isn’t frowned upon—in fact, it’s encouraged!


9. You unapologetically call PowerPoint presentations “decks” and refer to IMing as “pinging.”

10. You are targeted by advertisements you create.

11. Your friends compare you to Peggy Olson from ‘Mad Men’ or Matthew McConaughey from “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.”

12. You constantly have to convince yourself you made the right career choice.

But when your friends say, “Your job sounds like so much fun. I’m jealous,” you reply, “Yeah, it’s pretty amazing.”

13. You are unequivocally happy when leaving the office at 6PM.

14. You’re on social media platforms that none of your friends have heard of.

“Nice to meet you! You can add me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Myspace, Pinterest, and Foursquare. Thanks!”

15. You use the mute button on conference calls regularly.

16. You’ve grown to tolerate conference call “hold” music.

17. You frequently compare the stress of your job to that of a doctor.

18. You’ve also adopted the role of part-time lawyer.

19. You analyze every commercial on TV, every billboard on your commute to work, and every brand post in your News Feed.

20. Your cube is plastered with motivational posters and memes.

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